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Exclusive Business Member Benefits


Get a stunning custom webpage designed exclusively for you, perfect as a secondary or primary website. With personalized tags to enhance discoverability and links to your social media and YouTube, you can expand your audience and attract more customers. Visitors to your site can engage by commenting, liking, and sharing directly to their social media accounts.

We specialize in creating personalized advertisements showcased on our website and throughout our business directory, effectively expanding your audience and driving sales growth.

BRS operates a network of multiple pages, ensuring that your ad will be showcased across all of them. With our expanding following, your audience and sales will correspondingly increase.

The BRS network boasts over 100 groups, comprising thousands of members. Your business will receive promotion across each group, reaching targeted members actively seeking your products or services.

Upon registration, a promotional email is dispatched to our extensive email list of over 10K members. Additionally, every new member receives an email, alongside the inclusion of your business in our random email promotions.

AI-generated advertisements, videos, and other media deliver unparalleled value in today's digital landscape.

Get professionally crafted custom websites for an unbeatable offer! For just $50 each, you'll receive three pages, with any additional pages available for only $20 each. Don't miss out on this incredible deal!

Exclusive discounts on logos, business cards, apparel, gear, and other promotional items are available.

Earn $5 for every referral that utilizes your unique code upon signup and becomes a business or club member.

You will gain access to our exclusive Members Only Business Lounge, where you can engage in discussions and collaborate on various ideas, strategies, and topics with fellow club members.

We offer a wide range of groups to help you promote your products and services effectively. As a business member, you can post up to twice a week in any group of your choice.

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