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Exclusive Business Member Benefits


Social Media Management

Let us take care of all your marketing requirements. We can design a logo for you, create a website with Google AdWords to help you reach the first page of Google, establish a social media presence, craft posts, tweets, Instagram content, and more. Additionally, we'll tailor ads for your specific target audience, promote them across our social media network, and schedule ads across all your social media platforms to ensure your business stays in front of your audience. Members can access this comprehensive service for just $50 per month.


With thousands of members in our network, you can advertise your promotions and offers to the community. Connect with potential customers who are eager to support your business.

Custom Webpage

Receive an exquisite, tailor-made webpage designed solely for you, ideal for use as either a secondary or primary website. This personalized webpage includes tags to boost discoverability and direct links to your social media and YouTube, facilitating the expansion of your audience and the attraction of more customers. Visitors to your site can actively engage by leaving comments, liking content, and sharing it directly to their social media profiles.

Featured Ads

Our expertise lies in crafting individualized advertisements featured on our website and within our business directory. This strategy significantly broadens your reach and boosts sales growth.

Page Promotion

BRS manages a network of multiple pages, guaranteeing the display of your advertisement across all of them, with flexible scheduling options available. As our following continues to grow, your audience and sales will naturally expand in parallel.

Group Promotion

The BRS network includes more than 100 groups, collectively representing thousands of members. Your business will benefit from promotions across each of these groups, effectively reaching the specific members actively in search of your products or services. We also offer scheduling options to suit your needs.

Email Promo's

Upon registration, a promotional email is dispatched to our extensive email list of each members. Additionally, every new member receives an email, alongside the inclusion of your business in our random email promotions.

Marketing Tools 

You'll gain access to AI-generated advertisements, videos, and other media that provide exceptional value in today's digital environment. Additionally, you can obtain logos and other marketing materials at a discounted rate.

Website Discounts

Get professionally crafted custom websites for an unbeatable offer! For just $50 each, you'll receive three pages, with any additional pages available for only $20 each. Don't miss out on this incredible deal included with your membership!

Referral Cash

Earn $5 for each referral who signs up and becomes a business or community member using your unique code.

Members Only Lounge

You will gain access to our exclusive Members Only Business Lounge, where you can engage in discussions and collaborate on various ideas, strategies, and topics with fellow business members.

Promote In Our Groups

We offer a wide range of groups to help you promote your products and services effectively. As a business member, you can post up to twice a week in any group of your choice.

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